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It’s never too early to start planning.

Memori is a legacy-planning platform that allows you to write your Will, secure your digital assets, manage your insurance policies, end-of life planning and leave last messages for your loved ones.

Common Misconceptions

What We Offer

Memori Will

Create your Will today

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Memori Vault

Upload and manage important documents as well as messages for your loved ones.

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Memori Store

Contact legacy service providers, and purchase bereavement products and services.

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Why Choose Memori


Creating your Will and managing your assets is simple with our easy and user-friendly process.


Memori is an all-in-one platform that grants users the convenience to use a full range of services which cater to their legacy-planning needs.


Memori develops and deploys the latest blockchain and cybersecurity technology, for users to store their digital assets and Will securely and reliably.


Navigate the process of creating your Will, or handling your assets with clear, and readily-given information on our platform.

Online Payment

Payment for the site’s services is done online and hassle-free.

Professional Access

Memori allows its users access to professional help with certified Will planners, insurance agents and lawyers affliated with the site.


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