Who is an Executor of Memori Vault?

An Executor is a person who has been entrusted to carry out the last wishes and instructions of a Will stored in Memori Vault.

An Executor’s role

Access to Will and Vault

If you are appointed as an Executor by the Will Creator (Testator), you will receive an email consisting of a Private URL and a Secret Key to access the Vault*.

*Note: Access to the Memori Vault by an Executor is given after the death verification of the Will Creator. Details are in FAQ.

Steps to gain access

Step 1

Enter the Private URL given by the Memori Vault user in your email.

Step 2

Upload the documents of verification, i.e the death certificate of the deceased Memori Vault user.

Step 3

Enter the Secret Key to the Memori Vault. This is the long string of characters given on the day you were appointed as the Executor of Memori Vault.

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